A+E Networks, in partnership with Prometheus Entertainment, is bringing back seeker and enthusiast convention AlienCon to Pasadena March 4-5 for the first time since 2019.

Throughout the weekend, A+E will highlight several of its History Channel series, including Ancient Aliens: Humankind’s Mysterious Origins, Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch: Present to Future, The UnXplained: Chasing Cryptids and The Proof is Out There: Finding the Truth with Forensics.

Many of the speakers throughout the weekend are also drawn from History’s shows, including host of Ancient Aliens Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. Tsoukalos will be joined by such experts as best-selling author Erich von Däniken, investigative journalist George Knapp, former Defense Intelligence Officer and Director of the UAP Task Force Jay Stratton and more.

“AlienCon is a special event that invites open-minded people to connect with a burgeoning community of seekers and enthusiasts to discuss, consider, and theorize some of the most fascinating topics of our time,” said Jill Tully, vice president, Consumer Enterprises, A+E Networks, in a statement.

Panels and presentations across multiple stages at the Pasadena Convention Center will range from ancient civilizations and lost worlds, to sacred relics and secret sites, close encounters and paranormal reports, cryptids, UFOs and the long road to disclosure.

Each of the four History shows mentioned above also are sponsoring a panel at the event:

Ancient Aliens: Humankind’s Mysterious Origins: von Däniken, Tsoukalos, David Childress and William Henry discuss the most compelling evidence that suggests extraterrestrials were some of humanity’s first teachers.

– Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch: Present to Future: The second half of a two-part experience featuring Dr. Travis Taylor, Thomas Winterton, Bryant ‘Dragon’ Arnold and former intelligence officer Jay Stratton as they discuss the extreme paranormal activity that has been experienced during the ongoing investigation conducted at Skinwalker Ranch and what may be in store for the future.

– The UnXplained: Chasing Cryptids: Hugh Newman, Jon Dover, and Ken Gerhard explore the strange and unexplained sightings of cryptid creatures throughout history.

– The Proof Is Out There: Finding the Truth with Forensics: Tony Harris, Miguel Sancho and Marc D’Antonio give a behind-the-scenes look at the latest forensic tools and technology assisting in determining legitimacy of videos, audio recordings and photos.

In addition to panel discussions, original programming, sneak peeks, autograph and photo experiences, exclusive merchandise will be available for purchase at the AlienCon Marketplace, which will feature the official AlienCon merch booth and more than 100 vendors ranging from authors, aura readers, and artists to crystals, custom apparel and more.

[Images of Ancient Aliens’ Giorgio A. Tsoukalos courtesy of History Channel]

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