As upfront season approaches, Alibi Music has released a new album and several playlists that provide plenty of sonic ammo for upfront presentations. The new collection taps into the experience of key staff members who come from the client side and remember late nights cutting and recutting upfront presentations.

“When everyone’s competing for the same ad budgets, you need music that helps elevate your programming above everyone else’s,” said Joseph Miller, vice president, creative licensing at Alibi. “Finding the right track can make or break an upfront presentation, so it’s vital to have choices in energy, tone and structure.”

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The collection includes:

Exciting Orchestral: 11 tracks and 472 audio files of emotive and rousing orchestral cues. Full of hope, awe, wonder and magic, these building cues are full of staccato strings, heroic brass and thunderous drums. All of this is arranged and blended with emotive pianos, tubular bells and lingering pads, making this album ideal for network slate sizzles or theatrical montages.

In addition, three new Alibi playlists offer options for network marketers, with three different types of presentation vibes:

Network “Best Shows” Sizzle comprises 32 orchestral tracks with big backends for montages of dramatic and inspiring material to help marketers looking to wow buyers with their new programming slates.

Punchy Comedy Promos are 50 fast-paced tracks that lend punch to comedy promos.

Upbeat Pop Underscores includes 146 playful and poppy tracks curated to accompany both unscripted and scripted shows.

This latest collection joins Alibi’s music production library, which includes tracks that have been used to promote such recognized series as NBC’s The Blacklist, HBO’s The Last of Us and Netflix’s Stranger Things, among many others.

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