It always seems to come up so quickly: summer ends, pumpkin spice arrives, Halloween’s just around the corner and all of a sudden, it’s the holidays. Alibi Music is ahead the curve with six new holiday playlists ready to help content producers prepare for festive season.

Tracks from Alibi Music’s previous holiday mixes and music have been used to promote projects for Marvel, CBS, HLN, Ulta and others.

This season’s new playlists are as follows:

Christmas Chill Beats

These synth-based tracks have just enough jingle to get listeners in the holiday spirit, while chilling them out with relaxed beats.

Christmas Pop!

Mixing the ‘80s pop spirit with Christmas cheer gives editors plenty to choose from, including holiday vocals and upbeat pop styles,

Ye Olde Timey Christmas

From watching It’s a Wonderful Life to taking in a performance of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker, Christmas is about classics. This playlist helps elevate nostalgic content.

Christmas Comfort

Christmas is also about everything cozy, like sitting by roaring fires sipping hot chocolate in a pair of fuzzy slippers. This playlist is light, peaceful and comforting.

Almost Christmas

The best part of Christmas may not be Christmas Day itself but all of the excitement leading up to the big day. These 45 mixes are full of fun pop, rock, folk and soul energy.

Holiday Jazz

For more sophisticated content – think attending a holiday party in pearls with a martini in hand – this playlist injects a little jazz into any piece.

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