To introduce Investigation Discovery’s latest true-crime series, Southern Gothic, Silver Spring, Md.-based Alter Ego developed a specific look based on tintype photography.

Each frame of the spot is crystal clear but the palette is a bit washed out. Creating that look required Alter Ego to layer textures in Adobe Photoshop to take the spot exactly where the team wanted it to go.

The sound edit also invokes the American South, and the title treatment uses tall, distressed letters meant to evoke the South’s towering and spindly loblolly pine trees.

Southern Gothic premieres Monday, April 27 at 10/9 c.


Client: Investigation Discovery

Group SVP, Marketing: Doug Seybert

Creative Director: Carrie Sullivan

Sr. Director of Production Management: Kyle Russell

Senior Writer/Producer: Ki Yi

Editor: Dominic Mendes

Agency: AlterEgo

VP, Head of Production: Monesha Lever

Executive Creative Director: Heather Roymans

Associate Creative Director: Erica Kern

Colorist: Justin Kanner, C.S.I.

Senior Designer/Animator: Jason Leta

Producer: Kristen Edgell

Sound Designer/Mixer: Cadell Cook

Tags: alter ego hot spots id southern gothic

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