Lots of people live at residences numbered 10, not just the one person who lives at that very famous number 10 on Downing Street in London, the BBC reminds viewers in this spot promoting the public broadcaster’s coverage of the UK’s upcoming 2019 general election.

Of course, the fate of the current resident of number 10 Downing Street is being considered in this election, and that’s one reason why it’s weighing on everyone’s mind. But Prime Minister Boris Johnson isn’t the only thing British voters are considering as the election comes up Dec. 12.

The BBC’s coverage will include BBC Election 2019 results night, presented by Huw Edwards; interviews by Andrew Neil; special BBC iPlayer programs; and extended coverage on BBC Parliament, according to The Drum. The election also will be covered across BBC news channels, including BBC Breakfast and BBC Newsnight, as well as its radio channels. The BBC also will have contributions from its first digital election reporter, Joe Ridy.

The BBC’s campaign around its coverage will run until the vote, and it will air across BBC TV, radio and digital platforms. It also will appear across social media, on such platforms as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

“With emotions running high, rather than add to the noise we wanted to say something calm and reassuring that only the BBC could say,” Helen Rhodes, executive creative director at BBC Creative, told The Drum. “It was a challenging but rewarding campaign to create in a short amount of time, but I’m really proud of the work and the team behind it.”


Client: BBC

Agency: BBC Creative

Tags: bbc hot spots uk general election 2019

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