HBO concluded October with a slew of announcements for its forthcoming streaming service, HBO Max, including the long-awaited release date.

Meanwhile, as Fox Entertainment continues to evolve in the wake of the Disney-Fox merger, the network received a simple, updated look from branding and design studio Trollbäck+Company.

ESPN’s new series, SneakerCenter, received a unique look of its own thanks to New York City-based Block & Tackle. Daily Brief dug into the inspiration, execution and results of the colorful, animated package.

Check out the top five stories on Daily Brief last month:

5. Networks Cast a Spell on Viewers with 31 Days of Programming

October ushered a slew of Halloween-themed programming, including Freeform’s 31 Nights of Halloween, classic horror films from Turner Classic Movies, and themed cooking competitions from Food Network.

4. HBO Max to Launch in May 2020

After much anticipation, HBO pulled the curtain back on its programming slate, pricing and launch date for HBO Max.

3. Block & Tackle Helps ESPN Launch ‘SneakerCenter’

ESPN+ | SneakerCenter Show Package Montage from BLOCK & TACKLE on Vimeo.

Block & Tackle took inspiration from “sneakerhead” culture to develop this comprehensive look for ESPN’s new series, SneakerCenter.

2. 18 Creatives Make Up Promax’s 2019-20 Thrive Cohort

Daily Brief spotlighted the current participants of Promax’s Thrive, a year-long program that offers mentoring, coaching and self- and peer-evaluation for executives looking to grow in their careers.

1. Fox Entertainment Receives Brand Refresh from Trollbäck+Company

As it heads into its newest chapter, Fox Entertainment tapped Trollbäck+Company for a simple brand refresh comprising geometric shapes and an array of colors.

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