In this episode, Josh Norton and Carson Hood, executive creative director and executive producer at New York City-based creative agency Bigstar, discuss what work in entertainment marketing might look like once the pandemic finally passes.

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Like many creative agencies, Bigstar is doing a lot of thinking about what entertainment marketing might look like once this all passes. What will the so-called New Normal be? Will we ever go back to the way things were or does this signify the permanent passing of certain ways of working and living? And what might change for the better as a result of all of this?

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Norton and Hood consider all of these questions in the conversation embedded below. We would love to hear what you think so if you have thoughts, opinions, comments, short videos, long articles, whatever, about what you think the future might look like, please reach out to us @PromaxGlobal on Facebook and LinkedIn and @Promax_Global on Twitter and Instagram.

You can find Bigstar @BigStarNYC on Twitter, @bgstr on Instagram and on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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