To promote the 2022 Rugby League World Cup on BBC Sport, BBC’s in-house marketing agency, BBC Creative, asked London-based animation studio Blue Zoo to refresh the animated characters they had created for last year to include a more diverse cast to equally represent the men’s, women’s and wheelchair competitions.

Blue Zoo took that assignment a step further, making the characters and the colors a little bigger and bolder.

“It was a brilliant opportunity to take them into a fully animated world creating more dynamic angles and animation in a vibrant and contemporary colour palette,” wrote Blue Zoo on its website.

The Rugby League World Cup, which is being held this year in the U.K. after being postponed last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent withdrawal of Australia and New Zealand, runs October 15 through November 20. In the U.K., it’s being carried on BBC Sport. It’s the first time the men’s, women’s and wheelchair tourneys have all been held concurrently.



Client: BBC

Agency: BBC Creative

Lead Creative/Writer: Westley Wood

Producer: Lee Meredith

Production Manager: Michelle Papka

Production Coordinator: Jonathan Bulloch

Project Manager: Matt Totterdell

Project Co-ordinator: Harry Donovan

Production: Blue Zoo

Director: Ben Steer

Art Direction/Designer: Grant Berry

Producer: Doyin Araoye, Shannon Reeve

CG Supervisor: Arthur Tibbet

Executive Producer: Damian Hook

Head of Production: Lizzie Hicks

Character Assets: Filippo Bovolinii

Modeler: Hugo Bussiere, Josh Palfrey

Animator: Charlotte Binnie-Thompson, Sam Potter, Ben Steer

Lighting & Compositing: Jack McEntire, Yolande Clerke, Robin Danielsson

Edit: Picture Shop

Online Editor: Andy Brittain

Music: Verbal Vigilante

Dubbing Mixer: Robin Cowap

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