Creative: Wolff Olins, creative agency; Linda Ong, brand consultant; Interbrand, brand architect

Campaign Led By: Randy Falco, President & CEO, Univision; Kevin Conroy, President, Interactive & Enterprise Development, Univision; Cesar Conde, President, Univision Networks; Luis Fernandez, President, Univision Studios; Ruth Gaviria, SVP, Corporate Marketing, Univision; Diana Terry-Azíos, VP, Corporate Marketing, Univision; Jorge Dominguez, VP, Art & Design, Univision

Target Audience: Hispanic-American adults

Objective: Unify the many moving parts to a 50-year-old brand and reflect the strength found in its community.

Steps Taken: In the past year, Univision has unveiled a specialty sports channel, Univision Deportes, pressed play on its new TV Everywhere platform, UVideos, and announced its new partnership with ABC News for Univision’s first English language channel in the form of a 24-hour cable news network. As Univision evolves from a niche-focused company to a general-media giant, its colorful tulip needed its own transformation.

“We wanted to make sure that we united and updated the icon,” said Ruth Gaviria, SVP of corporate marketing at Univision, “and when you look at our evolution, it’s really about bringing these four quadrants together, almost magnetized, and giving it the dimension and symbolizing unity and collaboration.”

The logo, a vibrant tulip shape for Univision’s U, went 3D and fused together the tulip’s petals to give the look of a beating heart, coming alongside its first-ever tagline: “The Hispanic Heartbeat of America.” Both are meant to evoke its strong positioning in the Hispanic community and the logo itself evolves as its audience does. Another goal with the new unified logo was to show how Univision, even with its many new expansions and advancements, remains strong and unified even after 50 years.

“It was very important for us to dimensionalize the Hispanic community and dimensionalize the breadth of what Univision can give,” Gaviria said. “And we knew that what we needed to signal was an evolution, not a revolution.”

Lessons Learned: “You need to really have a clear vision, a very good brief, partners that are emotionally connected to your brand and a vision as to what you need to accomplish,” Gaviria said. “And we had that in spades.”


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