Los Angeles-based production company Interrogate is embarking on a “creative collaboration” with Brazilian director Rafaela Carvalho, the company said.

Carvalho began her career as an actress and then moved into cinematography and now, directing. Thus far, she has done work for such brands as WhatsApp, Lexus, Samsung, Mitsubishi and more.

“Looking at the world through Rafa’s lens has been nothing short of delightful. Her innate ability to craft tales from her subjects’ viewpoints, all while capturing genuine performances, continually blows us away,” said Interrogate Executive Producer George Meeker in a statement.

Carvalho’s integration into Interrogate’s team underscores the production company’s ongoing mission to partner with visionary talents who infuse fresh perspectives.

“Interrogate and I clicked right from the start. It’s all about building a relationship and chemistry, and with them, I genuinely feel it,” Carvalho said, also in a statement.

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