First-person shooter Call of Duty is back with a new chapter—Black Ops Cold War—and the twist this time around is that it’s the Gipper himself giving the orders.

The game, which will be available for Sony Playstation 4 on Nov. 13 and for 4k console Playstation 5 later this year, comes from Activision and its development studios Treyarch and Raven Software. The above trailer first aired during the online Gamescom 2020 event on Wednesday.

As President Ronald Reagan gives his team the go-ahead to pursue a black ops mission against a supposed KGB spy, he says: “Gentleman, you’ve been given a great task: protecting our very way of life from a great evil. There is no higher duty, there is no higher honor, and while few people will know of your struggles, rest assured the entire free world will benefit. I know you won’t fail us.”

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