“Divided by hate, ignited by love, united by war,” sums up season three of The Expanse.

Syfy’s futurist series where humans have colonized the solar system focuses on the U.N.-controlled Earth, the independent military power of Mars, and the Asteroid Belt that provides resources, such as air and water, to the planets.

For decades, tensions have been rising, and the three places are now on the brink of war.

“And all it will take is a single spark,” says Syfy.

The system must band together before it tears itself apart.

“Now we’re having to put aside our differences to end the war, and help everybody’s survival,” says Wes Chatham in Syfy’s featurette (posted above), where cast and crew members break down the events and politics of season three.

The featurette also delves into what’s new—including the addition of Elizabeth Mitchell to the cast as Anna Volodolov.

“Being a new character on The Expanse is like you’re joining a family,” she says.

And like many families, it’s a little dysfunctional.

“Everybody is trying to figure out the part that they play within this larger narrative,” says series star Steven Strait.

The Expanse returns to Syfy on April 11.

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