Fans of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy will thrill in all of the Easter eggs in Elastic’s main-title sequence for the HBO/BBC limited series, airing now.


Design Studio: Elastic

Creative Director: Clarissa Donlevy

Lead Designer: Carlo Sa

Lead Animator/Compositor: Yongsub Song

Designers: Wes Yang, Kaya Thomas, Henry DeLeon, Felix Soletic, Min Shi

Designer/Animators: Takayuki Sato, Mert Kizilay, Bryan Coleman

Animators/Compositors: Christian Brown, Blaise Hossain, Aziz Dosmetov, Gabriel Perez, Tizu Tarumyan

Dynamics: Miguel Salek

Modelers: Greg Gutkin

Matte Painter: Nick Hiatt

CG Supervisors: Andy Wilkoff, Kirk Shintani

Storyboards: Vince Wei

Production Coordinator: Mitchell Fraser

Producers: Jacklyn Ramirez, Michael Ross

Executive Producer: Luke Colson

Head of Production: Kate Berry

Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall


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