San Diego Comic-Con fans zoomed over planets and got up close and personal with human experiments as Fox showcased upcoming series Cosmos: Possible Worlds and The Passage as part of its installments on the Hilton Bayfront lawn.

“This is a place where fans of all ages come together to celebrate their favorite shows like these,” said Shannon Ryan, CMO, Fox Television Group. “As we head into the new season, these series are all priorities for us, and Comic-Con is a great place to generate buzz and kick off our campaigns.”

Cosmos in particular enticed attendees with an immersive dome video experience where they stepped onto the deck of the Ship of Imagination and traveled through the stars with series host Neil deGrasse Tyson. They also walked away with a shareable photo of themselves sitting in the ship’s actal chair, direct from the set.

Ryan called it “an epic series,” that was perfect for Comic-Con, and the visually stunning video experience was meant to capture the spirit of the show.

Cosmos: Possible Worlds is all about transporting viewers to the far reaches of the universe,” Ryan said. “By putting fans front and center on the Ship of Imagination, our hope is that they will walk away with a true sense of the journey Neil deGrasse Tyson and the brilliant producers will take them on when it premieres next year.

It’s set to premiere in spring 2019, and Fox also dropped the official trailer at Comic-Con.

Fox also gave fans a look at test subjects who are part of a secret government lab experimenting with a virus that could either cure all disease, or destroy humanity, in The Passage. The creepy patients of Project NOAH sat stoically inside a glass chamber, on display for all to see.

Based on author Justin Cronin’s novel of the same name, the drama is coming to Fox in January.

Fox also tapped into the established fandom around The Simpsons and Family Guy with photo opps from the show.

The Simpsons had attendees insert themselves onto the show’s iconic sofa to celebration the long-running series, and people waited in line for the opportunity.

Meanwhile, the time finally came to settle the feud between Peter Griffin and his arch nemesis “Chicken.” For the photo opp fans were placed between the two as the characters battled it out

Fox also highlighted The Orville with a fleet of custom pedi-cab shuttles that gave free rides to any location around the Gaslamp. During the ride they got an exclusive look at content from the space adventure series and received a U.S.S. Orville crew pin.

The Gifted deployed street teams around Comic-Con to help unlock fans’ mutant vision through free blue and red gel viewer glasses, which allowed them to see the show’s artwork, featuring througout the area, in a whole new way.

Fans can also get a similar experience through the show’s Snapchat filter.

And Bob’s Burgers went off site to Shake Shack with a charter bus that brought fans to the restaurant on Friday, where they were served the “burger of the day” and fries, and went home with a full stomach and commemorative photos.

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