Munich-based branding firm Flint Skallen worked with Perfect Accident and Stephen Arnold Music to craft this flowing brand spot for Chinese state-run global news network CGTN. Using only images of water, the team told its story with carefully timed sound and narration.

“Facing the unknown is always difficult,” says the voiceover as blurry images of water are displayed. “In a world of turmoil, it’s easy to lose orientation. But when the storms come, we have to see the possibilities, reinvent, find new opportunities, discover a path forward.”


Client: CGTN, China

Agency: Flint Skallen

Concept and Design: Perfect Accident

Creative Director: Martin Kett

Audio Post-Production/Supervision, VO Production: Stephen Arnold Music

Executive Producer: Flint Skallen

Tags: cgtn flint skallen hot spots perfect accident stephen arnold music

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