Kristen Bell’s new reality series for Disney+, Encore, gives new meaning to the phrase “high-school musical.” In this show, people who long ago graduated from high school return to give their musical theater dreams another shot.

It doesn’t always go well, as this trailer by AV Squad reveals, but sometimes, it goes better than the participants could have dreamed.

The series premieres when Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, launches Nov. 12.


Client: Disney+

EVP, Marketing & Operations: Joe Earley

VP, Marketing & Operations: Andy Baker

Manager Marketing & Operations: Michael Vereide

Manager Marketing & Operations: Fiko Metjahic

Coordinator Marketing & Operations: Nicole Brown

Executive Assistant Marketing & Operations: Griffin Schmidt

Agency: AV Squad

Creative Director: Peter McKeon

Executive Producer: Teresa Antista

Producer: Alex Weidner

Editor: Michael Johnson / Yvan Galermo

Director of Animation/VFX: Quico Encinias

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