As Fox Entertainment continues to evolve in the wake of the Disney-Fox merger, its brand identity is evolving along with it.

That includes an updated logo, strategy and tone of voice developed in part by New York City-based branding and design studio, Trollbäck+Company.

The new look, which was officially revealed during the 71st Emmy Awards, positions Fox as a “daring, forward-thinking contender” that offers “risky, rewarding content.” It also aims to help the network “reclaim its status as a source for breakthrough entertainment,” including shows it helped pioneer like The Simpsons and American Idol.

“Some leave the past behind,” Scott Edwards, Fox’s head of creative advertising, said in a statement. “But, as the original disruptors, we embraced the best parts of our past to move forward. That’s why, as we re-establish ourselves in this new marketplace, our brand was deconstructed and rebuilt, representing the best of who we are at our core.”

In addition to a subtle redesign (above), the “brand evolution” includes a geometric version of the Fox logo, which features chunky letterforms with simple colors and backgrounds. Moving forward, it’ll serve as the basis for Fox’s entire graphic identity and will play a role in everything from social media posts to billboards and environmental settings.

During its creation, Trollbäck+Company reduced the updated markdown to its core components, broke it apart, and used the pieces as abstract shapes and patterns across the entire rebrand.

“We needed to break down our brand in order to reimagine it,” said Darren Schillace, EVP, head of marketing at Fox. “Trollbäck+Company worked with us on a focused and ownable strategy that looked to our past to reimagine our future, and their design-forward aesthetic brought us a smart and flexible design that is unlike anything else we’ve seen.”

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Trollbäck+Company also included nuanced variations in the animated toolkit to represent the new master brand in many style and materials, including Fox’s animated, live-action, unscripted and drama series. Since its debut, the new identity has been featured across all of the brand’s 17 owned-and-operated channels and over 185 affiliate channels nationwide.

“We approached the project with an ambitious strategic vision and high-end design standards, and we are incredibly proud of the result,” said Alex Moulton, chief creative officer at Trollbäck+Company. “The market is ripe for a change of direction, so we set out to position Fox as an entertainment brand that’s forging culture.”

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