Fox Entertainment and Blockchain Creative Labs launched its first NFT marketplace on Wednesday, and it’s dedicated to all things Masked Singer. The MaskVerse is a place where fans can buy, sell and collect Masked Singer-related non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

To start, fans need to head to the MaskVerse where they can set up a Discord account and a digital wallet, through the Eluvio platform, to hold their crypto currency, Ethereum. They can use Ethereum, purchased with real-world money, to buy NFTs and build their collection of limited-edition digital masks for every character from all six seasons of the show. MaskVerse participants also will be able to participate in private Discord communities that will be managed via token-gate access by Blockchain Creative Labs’ community partner, Collab.Land.

The first drop began Wednesday with a free NFT of digital show mascot “Miss Masky” for everyone who signs up. From there, each three-pack of masks will cost $20, according to Variety. Throughout the season, new Mask Packs will drop on The MaskVerse. Each drop will include character cards from the show and unlock a marketplace that allows fans to buy and sell cards to complete their sets as well as additional digital merchandise.

Starting next month, fans and collectors also will be able to play a voting game. Fans that correctly predict which characters will be eliminated in each of the season’s final six episodes will win the opportunity to buy Gold Mask packs. When fans complete a full collection of character masks, they gain additional access to prizes, including rare Crystal Masks.

Fox Entertainment and its subsidiary, animated content creator Bento Box Entertainment launched Blockchain Creative Labs in June along with a $100 million creator fund. In September, Fox made a strategic investment in blockchain platform Eluvio. Blockchain Creative Labs will debut a similarly dedicated digital marketplace to Dan Harmon’s new animated comedy, Krapopolis.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, with episodes becoming available later on Hulu, Tubi and video on demand.

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