Fuse Media has launched its Be Change campaign, a social responsibility initiative intended to educate, inform and empower its multicultural millennial and Gen Z audience.

The campaign kicked off with the above “Be Change: Be Home” spot, which is accompanied by interstitials, graphics and digital support and social media messaging.

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“Be Change is specifically designed to encourage participation, giving our audience both the ‘why’ and the ‘where’ their involvement can make a real difference on the issues that matter most to them,” said Fuse Media Head of Marketing Mark McIntire in a statement. “Like the struggle-to-victory stories of artists and creators that we celebrate in our programming, Fuse is helping our audience to use their own voices and take action to drive positive change – even when the best action is to not be active, like our inaugural campaign to stay home, and be part of flattening the COVID-19 curve.”

Going forward, the Be Change campaign will take on other topics, such as social justice, mental health and environmental responsibility.

Fuse Media earlier this year launched another public-service campaign called Future History that it also intends to pursue throughout the year. Future History honors individuals who are currently working to drive positive change.

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Client: Fuse Media

Agency: Fuse Brand Creative

Head of Marketing, Fuse Media: Mark McIntire

VP, Fuse Brand Creative: Jedd Scher

Creative Director, Fuse Motion Graphics: Mark Creel

Art Director, Fuse Motion Graphics: Cheri Leone

Project Manager, Fuse Motion Graphics: Nquavah James

Director, Fuse Brand Creative: Matt Simons

Creative Director, Fuse Graphic Design: David Salazar

Designer & Photographer, Fuse Graphic Design: Adrien Ordorica

Project Manager, Fuse Graphic Design: Abeni Phillips

Director, Fuse Brand Creative: Jackie Armstrong

Audio Mixer, Fuse Brand Creative: Jose Jurado

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