Greek soccer fans are so excited about the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 that this spot for Greece channel ANT1 (pronounced “antenna”) and streaming service ANT1 Plus likens the feeling to anticipating a new baby. Except in this case men are carrying around soccer balls that are about ready to be born. The campaign, which debuted October 27, embraces both men’s and women’s love of the global soccer tournament.

The above spot is set to Etta James’ classic, “At Last,” underscoring how ready fans are for the games to get underway.

FIFA World Cup play starts November 20 and runs through December 18.


Marketing Director: Ioannis Drimilis

Marketing Supervisor: Aliki Roulia

Agency: Frank&Fame

Creative Director: Ioannis Vassilopoulos

Production Company: Open Borders

Executive Producer: Alexandros Tiliopoulos

Director of Photography: Nathanail Nathanailoglou

Director: Miltos Pilalitos

Tags: ant1tv fifa world cup 2022 hot spots

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