A man works late and falls asleep at his desk. He’s awoken by something strange happening with his computer. He looks at his watch—20:32 (8:32 p.m. US)—and decides it’s time to pack it up for the day.

On his way home, even more strange things happen. A woman looking back at him on the bus appears to have red eyes, and on his walk home, haunting sounds and eerie images start popping out at him. And when the hour turns to 21:00 (9 p.m. US), the real horror starts.

Just like on AMC Networks International’s Horror Channel UK, where a different horror movie is playing every night of the week at 21:00 throughout the haunted month of October.

To create the above spot, the in-house creative team at AMC Networks International shot over nine winter nights in London with only a two-person crew and an actor. Once the footage was captured, the team added the sound and visual effects in post-production to create an extra-scary feel for the viewer.


Client: Horror Channel UK

Agency: AMC Networks International in-house marketing team

Creative Director, AMC Networks International: Matthew Stott

Head of Graphics, AMC Networks International: Clive Collier

Promo Producer, AMC Networks International: Manouk Kraijenbosch

Sound Designer: Michael Pacheco

Actor: Andrew Bonter ​

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