Every year, Promax brings back its classic Hot Spots Showcase, highlighting the work that rose above the rest throughout the year.

This year’s showcase, led by Dan Bragg, partner and executive producer at Spark + Sizzle, and Mark Valentine, chief creative officer of Leroy and Clarkson, comprised spots from an array of categories. But the duo kicked things off with “a shout out to artists who always make us look good,” which included W. Kamau Bell’s First Memory of Chris Rock.

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Next, Bragg introduced integrations that rose to the top. Last year’s crossover between NBA star James Harden and Mission Impossible’s Tom Cruise was one of many spots showcased.

“Integrations keep getting better and better,” he said.

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Next were spots that make us laugh, which included a Titanic remake from Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, a spot for Snake City, and the below video from FXX.

“The next round of spots uses Hollywood Production value and the occasional celeb to help sell a message,” Valentine said, before leading the category with American Idol’s musical spot.

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The following category addressed an age-old issue, according to Valentine.

“I think it was Aristotle who first posed an eternal question—what’s more important, network brands or show brands?” he joked.

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Finding ways to be unexpected is the “best creative challenge,” Bragg said. But a number of creatives rose to the challenge, including the below Super Bowl spot from CBS All Access.

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