For ID’s Killer ‘90s August programming event, Silver Spring, Md.-based Trick & Mortar created a -90s-themed graphics package, which included neon spray paint splattered over the ID logo and a text design aesthetic based on concert posters of the era. And to really bring viewers into the moment, they gave the campaign a grunge sound.

ID’s Killer ‘90s programming event kicked off on Sunday, August 7 and features new specials on well known crimes of the era, such as Menendez Brothers: Misjudged?, Who Killed Biggie and Tupac?, The Killer Nanny and Mary Kay LeTourneau: Notes on a Scandal.



Client: ID

GVP, Marketing Strategy: Eliza Booth

Creative Director: Carrie Sullivan, Greg Stein

Director of Production: Jaycen Armstrong

Art Director: Jenni Green

Sr. Writer/Producer: Melinda Doyle

Sr. Designer: Rachel Pearlman

Project Manager: Abbie Gelline

Sr. Marketing Manager: Allison Frank

Agency: Trick & Mortar

Executive Director: Footy

CTO: Dave Gorrie

Director of Production: AnChi Laster

Creative Director: Jeff Strong

Director of Editorial: Ian Rummer

Art Director: Garth Superville

Production Manager: Maddie Ehrenreich

Producer: Andy Scott

Designer: Eli Orth

Editor: Dave Parsons

Sound: Takoma Media - Richard Humphries

Tags: hot spots id killer 90s trick & mortar

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