​To elevate the return of the Golden Globes to television, Los Angeles-based creative company Imaginary Forces created a motion-graphics package for the awards broadcast in a palette of light and airy champagne and rose gold hues and paired those with a classic art deco motif.

Helmed by Imaginary Forces Creative Director Alan Williams, who has also created show packages for the Oscars, Imaginary Forces’ team developed a visual language for the event, including the show’s intro video, title cards, mortise, transitions and lower thirds.

“Our first experience working with Imaginary Forces was when Jesse Collins and I produced the 93rd Academy Awards alongside Steven Soderbergh and Stacey Sher,” said Globes producer Dionne Harmon. “The body of work that they created for that show was unlike anything we had ever seen on a TV special. They made it abundantly clear that they were not afraid to think outside of the box and push the limits of what was traditionally seen on an awards show.

“When we were tapped to produce the 80th Annual Golden Globes, we knew immediately that we wanted to partner with IF on the visual refresh for this iconic show. We shared our creative vision for the space, and they took that and built a stunning graphics package that seamlessly melded into the room and enhanced each element of the show. From the opening titles to the chryrons to the packages, Imaginary Forces’ work helped give viewers a sense of old Hollywood glamour … while still remaining forward-thinking and fresh.”

The package marks an intentional departure from previous Golden Globes broadcasts, which tended toward more gilded and heavy palettes of black and gold.

The team also integrated abstractions of the number 80, because the event is celebrating its 80th anniversary, along with the Golden Globes’ circle motif throughout the night’s branding. They also chose to let the show’s musical accompaniment guide the branding.

“We wanted the evening’s music to drive the sequences, so the branding didn’t overpower the elegance of the show,” said Williams. “We aimed to make the show’s visual story worthy of its 80-year history, but modern enough that it invites in a new generation of viewers and honors the current era of filmmakers the show is celebrating.”

The 80th annual Golden Globes aired Tuesday, January 10 on NBC.


Client: Dick Clark Productions

Showrunner: Jesse Collins Entertainment • Jesse Collins & Dionne Harmon

Music Composer: Chloe Flower

Agency: Imaginary Forces

Creative Director: Alan Williams

Designers: Elizabeth Steinberg, Felix Soletic

Animators: Elizabeth Steinberg, Ned Piyadarakorn, Oliver Scott

Senior Producer: Renee Robson

Senior Production Coordinator: Jake Fritz

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