For its new network brand anthem, INSP took a quiet approach to grab viewers’ attention in a different way.

The above spot zeroes in on many of the famous faces that appear in INSP’s Western- and hero-themed movies and programs, and the piece is accompanied by music that slowly builds throughout the 60 seconds. It also features some of the West’s beautiful landscapes.

The accompanying motion graphics include a gold star – part of INSP’s brand identity – representing both the traditional sheriff’s badge seen in many Westerns as well as some of the big stars that appear in the network’s films, such as John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Robert Redford, Kevin Costner, Barbara Stanwick and Maureen O’Hara.


Client: INSP (in-house)

Producer/Editor: Jonathan Shuping

Co-Producer/Editor: Brittany Davis, Jack Hargrove

Motion Designer: Jared Hanline

Audio Mixer: Dan Luna

Finishing Editors: Bryce Hoover, Dave Wooten

Associate Producer: Lauren Great

Motion Design Manager: Demetre Gionis

Creative Director, Digital Content & Production: Bill Mazzola

Creative Director, Promotion & Advertising: Andrea White

Director, Creative Operations: Scott Craven

VP, Creative Design: Zach Chambers

VP, Digital Content and Social Media: Tina Lloyd

EVP, Marketing: Hayes Tauber

Tags: brand anthem hot spots insp

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