The King of Queens makes the move to cable network Lifetime come January and Miami-based 2C Creative was there to help Doug and Carrie settle into their new home.

“This was a project that was never intended to explain the show but rather to highlight what makes The King of Queens so funny, resonating with new and old fans alike,” said 2C Creative Director Marni Wagner in a statement “Our biggest challenge was the sheer amount of funny stuff we had to work with, but that’s really a good problem to have, isn’t it?”

To develop the spots, 2C dug through many episodes to gather the right creative.

For the mashup spot, the team culled through scripts online to find the words or phrases they needed and then tracked them back to soundbites in the individual episodes to make sure they worked in the context of the spot. And for the spot 2C called “Doug and Carrie,” Wagner partnered with composer and audio engineer, Cesar Haliwa, using voiceover, soundbites and self-created guitar riffs, as well as a number of other audio beats and techniques. They remixed and expanded on a song originally used in the show’s content to create the promo’s final track.


Doug and Carrie


Client: Lifetime

SVP Brand Creative: Valerie Albanese

VP, Brand Creative: Jennifer Ferguson

Creative Director: Ben Asher

Creative Director: Danny Feder

Production Manager: Maryam Riazian

Production Coordinator: Tynisha Lonon

Agency: 2C

President/Owner: Chris Sloan

General Manager, Senior Director of Operations: Nikki Coloma

Creative Director: Marni Wagner

Lead Editor: Jesus Martinez

Composer/Audio Engineer: Cesar Haliwa

Audio Engineer: Jon Wadley

Executive Producer, Graphics: Bob Cobb

Animator: Dmitri Zavyazkin

Graphic Designer: Andy Fernandez

Assistant Editor: Kelly Lanman

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