“Are you angry?”

“Who gets to decide what’s politically correct?”

“Do you feel left out?”

“What inspires you to speak out against hate?”

“Are you sexist?”

“Are immigrants threatening American jobs?”

“Do you judge people based on their religion?”

“Are we more divided than ever or just louder?”

“How can we find common ground?”

In her new show for National Geographic, America Inside Out, veteran news anchor Katie Couric asks hard questions about the problems currently facing Americans. Viewpoint Creative illustrates those questions in a series of quick cuts of people protesting, facing police and other recent scenes from American life.

America Inside Out with Katie Couric premieres Wednesday, April 11 at 10 pm ET/PT on National Geographic.


Network: National Geographic

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Spencer

Creative Director: Tyler Korba

Design Director: Carla Daeninckx

Senior Writer/Producer: Sarah Murphy Lavoie

Project Manger: Kendrah Polk

Shoot/Editorial/Mix: Viewpoint Creative

Color: DC Color

Tags: hot spots katie couric national geographic viewpoint creative

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