After more than 20 years of designing, shooting and animating, Lava Studio is adding a new division, Lava VFX, with an exclusive focus on visual effects for entertainment properties.

These effects are showcased in an episode of the R.L. Stine-inspired series, Just Beyond, on Disney Plus.

“I’m an effects artist by nature,” said Lava Studio President Robert Kirkpatrick. “I built my early career as a Flame artist and compositor, creating VFX for brands ranging from Burger King and Ford to Animal Planet and DirecTV. As Lava Studio has moved into main title design for film and TV, we’ve gained opportunities in VFX as well. Our main titles pitch for Just Beyond led to an opportunity to do all the effects for one full episode.”

That added up to more than 150 shots, including physical transformations, ghosts, magic effects and creation of CGI props. As a result, Lava’s leadership decided to launch the Lava VFX brand to pursue new VFX work while Lava Studio handles design and production.

Supernatural anthology series, Just Beyond, was created by Seth Grahame-Smith. It is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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