Lifetime on Friday launched #FierceFemaleFriday, an initiative intended to shine a spotlight on impactful women across its social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter reaching a collective audience of 5 million followers

The campaign kicked off on Friday, June 26, with posts honoring trans actress Laverne Cox, who frequently speaks out about discrimination against trans women of color.

Following Cox are Emergency Room nurse Emily Langlois on July 3. Langlois is working on the front lines against coronavirus in Bowling Green, Kentucky. While Langlois continues to work, her husband, young daughter and newborn are living with extended family.

Actress and gun-reform advocate Niecy Nash appears July 10. Nash, who saw her mother get shot in a domestic violence incident when Nash was just a teeanger and lost her younger brother Michael to gun violence, founded Mothers Against Violence in Schools with her mother in 1993.

On July 17, Lifetime will honor Catresa Hampton, a single mother from Toledo, Ohio, who has never missed a shift as a bus driver, which is classified as an essential worker.

Actress and social-justice advocate Aunjanue Ellis takes the stage July 24. Ellis, who has appeared in such movies as Ray and The Help, co-founded Take It Down America, which advocates taking down racist southern symbols.

Amanda Nguyen will be featured on July 31. Nguyen founded nonprofit Rise to protect the civil rights of sexual-assault and rape survivors.

Each woman will be illustrated by an artist, starting with Rachelle Baker, a multidisciplinary artist from Detroit, in June and July. During the pandemic, she established the Survivor Safe Haven program to combat the spike in sexual violence resulting from stay-at-home policies. She also authored and lobbied for the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights, which has passed in 24 states and the District of Columbia. In 2019, she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her activism and she also has received the Nelson Mandela Changemaker Award.

All of the artists are women of color and besides Baker, include Aisha Simone, Ryan Oakley, Steffi Walthall, Alisha Wilkerson and Kim Ekdahl.

Lifetime encourages followers of its social media platforms to nominate worthy women.

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