When Joe Nichols left Amazon Prime Video to join the bi-coastal Northern Lights Agency as executive creative director a little more than a year ago, he had a new mission in mind for the agency.

“We aim to be strategic from day one while we work to understand your brand, series, or movie as deeply as your internal team,” Nichols says. “Then we develop original ideas and 360 campaigns to energize that strategy. We deliver insight and creative in your brand’s voice, tailored to make a measurable difference, earn recognition, and most importantly, deliver audiences.”

Nichols arrived at Northern Lights after being on the client side for more than two decades. Because of that, he says, “I approach my work from a client’s point of view. An agency should make your life easier by getting it right quickly. And with that, you develop a comfort zone, a short-hand. We work hard to make our clients and our staff feel like a unified team.”

Nichols and his team do deep research around a platform or series so that they can approach the work as a fan would while conveying the right brand message. Nichols draws on extensive experience, having most recently served as Amazon Prime Video’s creative director of global brand marketing, where he oversaw multiple brand campaigns and the audiovisual launches of more than twenty acclaimed original series, including Hanna, Transparent, Goliath, Bosch, Sneaky Pete, Carnival Row and The Man in the High Castle.

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A year after Nichols’ arrival, Northern Lights Agency is on a roll, producing campaigns and upfronts for Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Paramount+, ABC, NBC, TBS, Comedy Central, Fox, A&E, Lifetime and Discovery+. The agency most recently created the launch campaign for Dave Chappelle’s “The Midnight Miracle” series for podcasting company, Luminary.

Northern Lights’ brand image spot for TBS (below) is a good example of how the agency executes a conceptual, editorially-driven anthem that seamlessly integrates more than a dozen shows.

Amazon Prime Video’s holiday campaign, which showcases the agency’s graphics, sound design and editorial talent, illustrates the breadth of Northern Lights’ resources, while Paramount+’s recent launch campaign for its exclusive soccer league matches draw on the company’s deep experience in sports.

Also working to its advantage is the agency’s close collaboration with sister companies that specialize in production and post-production to give the group a powerful toolset that consists of best-in-class talent at each step.

“We draw seamlessly on the Northern Lights Family of companies and bring it all together for our clients, which has been part of our secret to success,” says Nichols.

Northern Lights Agency leverages the creative and production resources of a bicoastal editorial and finishing boutique NL Edit; concept-driven branding and motion-graphics design firm Mr Wonderful; sound-mixing and composition studio SuperExploder; and live-action production company Bodega, which offers a deep roster of diverse directors. Together, the bi-costal 40-plus person team has a 26-year track record of delivering results.

Clients in search of fresh points of view will find just what they’re looking for at Northern Lights Agency, says Nichols. “We’ll make things you’ll be proud of while we make your job easier.”

To learn more about Northern Lights Agency, contact Executive Creative Director Joe Nichols at jnichols@nl.agency.

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