Open Road’s branding and design division, PopClutch, last week rolled out a new hyper-energized main title sequence for HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, now in its 21st season.

With music performed by punk-pop band Green Day, the edgy motion graphics illustrate the types of thorny issues that the weekly news commentary show takes on.

Fun fact: Sharre Jacoby, who joined Open Road from Known to launch PopClutch, has worked on every iteration of Real Time’s main titles since the show launched in 2003.

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Client: HBO

Executive Producers: Bill Maher, Dean Johnsen, Sheila Griffiths, Marc Gurvitz, Billy Martin

Co-Executive Producer: Chris Kelly

Producer: Matt Wood

Director: Paul Casey

Agency: PopClutch at Open Road

Executive Creative Director: Paul Brodie

Executive Producer: Sharre Jacoby

Producer: Patrick Falvey

Associate Producer: Rob Smith

Creative Director: Joseph Kiely

Designer: Andrew Zamora

Designer/Animator: Adam Petke, Steve Verne

Animator: Art Perez

Writer: Laura Cryan, Caitlin Vetere

Musical Theme: Buster and Shavoni, Chris “Kid” Reid

Music Performed by Green Day

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