The above spot by Los Angeles-based Mob Scene works extra hard for Fox Sports, as it expertly weaves footage of World Series baseball, Thursday Night Football and college football in with exciting cuts from 20th Century Fox’s new movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, all set to Queen’s iconic anthem “We Will Rock You.”

And that’s not all, talents Terry Bradshaw, Joe Buck and Charissa Thompson also got into the action, lip-syncing along to one of America’s favorite songs.


Client: Fox Sports

Vice President, Creative Director, Fox Sports: Jeff Antlocer

Producer, Fox Sports: Tatiana Hithe

Graphics: Fox Sports

Music: Fox Sports

Agency: Mob Scene

Executive Vice President, Mob Scene: Cary Sachs

Producer, Mob Scene: Makenzie Scott

Editor, Mob Scene: Robby King

Assistant Editors, Mob Scene: Yining Zhou, Ricardo Gonzalez, Jeff Smith

Audio Mixer, Mob Scene: Marissa Quintana

Finishing, Mob Scene: Darin Kulhmann, Claire Bludworth, Phil Cater

Tags: bohemian rhapsody fox sports hot spots major league baseball queen

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