While Reelz is excited to debut new live police series On Patrol: Live, it ran into a challenge when promoting it because, well, it’s live.

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Reelz leaned into that challenge and relied on hosts Dan Abrams, Sean “Sticks” Larsen and Curtis Wilson to infuse a tease spot with a little humor while reminding fans that their new show debuts Friday, July 22.

“You’ll see it for the first time when we do,” says Larsen.

And since there’s no footage to show, the team instead includes some video of a happy police dog getting his belly scratched.

Which is also good.


Client: Reelz

Agency: In-house

Senior Vice President, Marketing/Writer: Artie Scheff

VP Marketing/Producer/Writer: David Zaccaria

Producer, Editor: Keith Baca

Graphic Designer: Andrew Dormody

Audio: Brian Arbuckle

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