HLN returns to the thorny moral topic of capital punishment with its original series, Death Row Stories.

Each episode is recounted by current and former death-row inmates and seeks to unravel the truth behind a different capital murder case.

To illustrate the stories of season four, the above trailer features sculpted stories that reveal images of crime, incarceration, investigations and the accused. Stacked on top of each other, the different scenes are topped with Lady Liberty to create a sort of ironic version of the iconic statue. HLN worked with production and post-production houses Nathaniel Howe Studios and Amy Palmer Group to create the spot, with Syn Music composing the music.

​Death Row Stories returns to HLN on June 2 at 8 p.m.


Client: CNN

Chief Marketing Officer: Allison Gollust

Sr. Vice President: Rick Lewchuk

Vice President & Group Creative Director: Whit Friese

Senior Director, Production: Dan Brown

Sr. Writer/Producer: Shonda Cooper

Senior Production Manager: Nichole Goralnik

Assistant Design Director: Krishnan Purushothaman

Executive Producer, The Amy Palmer Group: Amy Palmer

Executive Creative Director, Nathaniel Howe Studios: Nate Howe

Producer, Nathaniel Howe Studios: Vanessa Varela

Editor, Nathaniel Howe Studios: Frederick Snyder

Creative Director, Syn Music: Nick Wood

Composer, Syn Music: Alan Wolovitch, Alan Mawdsley

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