Los Angeles-based creative studio Stimulated-Inc. is adding a new division, CauseXT, to help clients launch causes by developing, designing and producing unique experiential activations and digital content around those causes, said Stimulated-Inc. CEO Robb Wagner.

Wagner is launching the new division at the ANA’s 2022 Nonprofit Federation Summer Conference.

“Every cause has a passion for its mission. But how do you transform those sparks into roaring fires that ignite hearts and minds? We help you capture the magic that makes your cause special and transform it into lightning in a bottle,” Wagner said in a statement. “Experiential transformation means we take your cause’s existing assets and transform them into something that people have simply never experienced before — all to stimulate the senses, evoke emotion and create meaningful connections.”

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Throughout his career, Wagner has assisted some of the world’s top entertainment companies – such as Disney, Sony and Viacom – and performing artists such as Michael Jackson and Foo Fighters to transform experiences for audiences.

CauseXT will employ a four-phase process, starting with discovery, experience audit and review findings. That discovery phase is followed by brainstorming sessions that lead to a decision on the experience that the team wants to create. Once that decision is made, the team embarks on pre-production, production and activation. All of those actions will be followed by measurement and optimization.

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