Stimulated-Inc. and Bring It In Media have formed a strategic partnership to bring hybrid workflow solution, Hyper-Hybrid Workflow, to creative and in-house agencies (IHAs).

Developed by Stimulated-Inc. founder Robb Wagner, Hyper-Hybrid Production allows agencies to supplement their animation, motion, development and design capabilities whenever needed by giving them access to a network of full-service creative producers and artists. It employs the same proprietary method (The Stimulated Method) and software (Stimulated.Works) that Wagner has used to develop and produce content for such brands as Disney, Viacom and Carnival Cruise Line.

After learning about Hyper-Hybrid, Bring It In Media’s Cheryl McGarry-Marley and Lindsey Sutton recognized a natural alignment between the two companies. Medfield, Mass.-based Bring It In Media helps companies build and sustain their own in-house content agencies.

“Our firsthand experience has provided us with a 360-degree view of the organizational chaos and financial losses companies face as they look to implement the seemingly straight-forward goal of building an in-house agency or content studio. All it takes is a misdirected organizational structure or overextended resources, and the result is compromised, diminished creative output,” McGarry-Marley said in a statement.

“And when it’s content that drives the brand, the in-house agency should be built from a content-centered approach. Our mission is to ask questions that have not been considered, listen to needs (and challenges) and implement foundational, actionable solutions,” said Sutton, also in a statement. “Hyper-Hybrid Workflow is one such actionable solution that also happens to be an industry game changer.”

Stimulated-Inc. and Bring It In Media is offering Hyper-Hybrid Workflow to companies looking for quick, turn-key ways to supplement their in-house agencies with cost-efficient digital asset production.

“With Hyper-Hybrid Workflow, I envisioned an instant, frictionless solution for the in-house agency whose own resources are unable to cover a particular project,” said Wagner. “It’s exciting to see this solution validated by those who truly get the struggle of IHAs juggling workflow management and deliverables. I look forward to joining forces with Cheryl and Lindsey to help change that.”

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