Tiny Industries has joined Bodega Animation’s directing roster, the company said Monday.

Bodega Animation is a division of Bodega, a content creation and production studio with offices in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Tiny Industries specializes in character-driven storytelling, such as The Tiny Chef Show, across multiple distribution platforms.

Tiny Industries is led by three co-creators: Ozlem Akturk, Rachel Larsen and Adam Reid.

Besides The Tiny Chef Show, the company recently has partnered with Kristen Bell, Ron Howard, and Brian Grazer to develop content for Imagine Entertainment.

Reid is a co-founder of Bodega, who is on its roster as a live-action director. Reid has produced a feature film, Hello Lonesome, while Larsen’s stop-motion animation has been featured in such movies and TV shows as Isle of Dogs, Coraline, Paranorman and Tumble Leaf. Cinematographer Akturk also has feature-film experience in such movies as Frankenweenie and Isle of Dogs and brings skills in stop-motion photography.

“Bodega Animation is a perfect fit for Tiny Industries. Bodega understands how thinking tiny can lead to a huge impact creatively,” said Reid in a statement. “We can’t wait to craft miniature worlds with them, featuring unforgettable characters and engaging stories.”

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