The Super Bowl is more than just a football game, it’s also the time of year when commercials get to relive their glory days when no one could skip ads.

Below, Daily Brief put together our top-ten picks out of our early looks at this year’s batch set to air during Super Bowl LIV, when the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Feb. 2.

Kick off is at 6:30 pm ET/3:30 pm PT, so grab some Mountain Dew and Doritos (or Budweiser and Cheetos Popcorn if that’s what you prefer) and settle in.

10) Staying true to its zany brand, Mountain Dew gets Bryan Cranston to play Jack Nicholson in this ode to a Stephen King classic.

9) SpongeBob premieres his upcoming movie during the Big Game.

8) Walmart welcomes some “Famous Visitors” with goods from its stores.

7) Budweiser honors “Typical Americans” in this heart-warming spot.

6) Cheetos tells the tale of its surprising involvement with MC Hammer’s smash hit, “Can’t Touch This,” starring the man himself.

5) Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams belts out Frozen‘s “Let It Go” for Audi, because the cold never bothered her anyway.

4) This is not the way we would have thought to do it, but it seems worth a try: #SnickersFixtheWorld

3) Two-time Grammy winner Lil Nas X has an unlikely dance-off with film star Sam Elliott set to his very popular tune, “Old Town Road,” in the name of Doritos Cool Ranch chips.

2) One of this year’s Grammy nominees for best new artist, H.E.R., and rap superstar Missy Elliott paint that red door black for Zero Sugar Pepsi.

1) And Daily Brief‘s fave so far: Ellen and Portia wonder what people did #BeforeAlexa.

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