BBC America’s spy drama Killing Eve constantly tantalizes viewers with glamorous locations (and some not so glamorous) so it’s only appropriate that the network would team up with Culture Trip to create show-based virtual travel and culture hub, Travel Villain.

Culture Trip is a website that offers inside guides to cities and other locations, features and articles, and short video series. With travel largely curtailed, the site is focusing on virtual experiences via its #StaySafeStayCurious campaign.

In this partnership with Killing Eve, fans can virtually travel to various locations that Eve (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) have visited in their ongoing cat-and-mouse game across the UK, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and other locales. Travel Villain will start with character-driven content from the points of view of Eve, Villanelle, Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) and the cities of London, Paris, Moscow and Rome, all of which have been locations where key events have taken place within the show. Coming soon is Amsterdam and likely, Barcelona, where Villanelle is making her home in season three.

The city-focused content includes bars and speakeasies, restaurants, experiences and more, along with embedded Easter eggs for fans. The website also hosts an exclusive interview with Killing Eve location scout Jamie Parson. Culture Trip’s email newsletter and social media channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter also will share insights around the series.

“While we may never experience Paris or Rome in quite the same way as Villanelle, ‘Travel Vilain’ allows us to virtually and vicariously step into the dazzling world of Killing Eve,” said Courtney Thomasma, executive director, BBC America in a statement. “We’re thrilled to partner with Culture Trip to allow audiences to explore the series’ most memorable destinations from home, to continue to stoke the curiosity of fans and stay connected to some of the world’s most beautiful cities, especially at a time when travel across the world is restricted.”

Killing Eve is produced by Sid Gentle Films Ltd. for BBC America and is distributed by Endeavor Content. The series is based on the Codename Villanelle novellas by Luke Jennings.

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