Canadian sports network TSN is getting a head start on promoting the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar, which will be played in November and December. The above :30 draws its design elements from the tournament’s Middle Eastern location, but still incorporates TSN’s signature high-energy cuts and youthful soundtrack.

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Client: TSN

Agency: in-house

VP, Brand, Marketing & Publicity: Jon Arklay

Director, Brand & Production: Linda Masci Linton

Sr. Marketing Manager: Chris Taylor

Creative Director: Yaron Blanc

Creative Director, Design: Isaac Cheung

Associate Creative Director Design: Luis Torres

Sr. Writer/Producer: Chris Wong

Senior Motion Designer: Edeline Bernal

Editor: Chris Wong

Sr. Editor: Lou Pianezza

Post Sound: Sean Dunnam

Production Supervisor: Antonella La Farcioli

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