In the above brand spot, Los Angeles-based agency Vivid Zero helps Disney-owned WABC New York introduce the team that hosts its new hour-long show at 10 am: anchors Shirleen Allicot and Mike Marza and meteorologists Sam Champion and Dani Beckstrom.

WABC’s Eyewitness News at 10 a.m. debuted September 11.


Client: ABC Owned Television Stations

President ABC Owned Television Stations: Chad Matthews

SVP Creative and Account Services: Disney Entertainment, Networks: Jim Gorham

Creative Director, Brand, WABC: Brandon Nelson

Promotion Writer/Producer, WABC: Josh Hartmann

Agency: Vivid Zero

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Vivid Zero: Michael Vamosy

Executive Creative Director: Gilbert Avila

Director of Photography, Vivid Zero: Daniel Marracino

Line Producer, Vivid Zero: Jon Sheflin

Producer, Vivid Zero: Derek Tacconelli

Editor, Vivid Zero: Rob Chatlin

Designer, Vivid Zero: Henry Jamin

Animator, Vivid Zero: Joe Lili, Calvin Lo

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