Creative production company We Are Royale (WAR) has retained Astra Dorf of Astra Reps for entertainment marketing representation in the U.S.

“We have solved a wide variety of creative problems for a diverse range of brands in our 16-plus years as a company,” said Brien Holman, chief creative officer and co-founder at Los Angeles and Seattle-based We Are Royale. “Through it all, our joy for creating and collaborating with networks, studios and streaming platforms has never left us. With Astra on board, we are excited to see what kind of magic will emerge through this partnership. She is an incredible representative of our industry and will undoubtedly be an outstanding ambassador for We Are Royale.”

“I am so pleased to add We Are Royale to the Astra Reps family!” added Dorf, also in a statement. “They are so talented and veterans within our industry. We are excited to reconnect with many past entertainment partners as well as some new ones. Their style is unmistakable and their creative team is unmatched! I look forward to showcasing We Are Royale’s killer work.”

Over the last year, WAR has seen continued growth leveraging its broadcast design and production in the esports and gaming space, working with such clients as Epic Games, Riot Games, and Activision Blizzard. Meanwhile, the company continues to build on its reputation as a premier partner of linear and streaming entertainment brands, with recent promo work for ABC’s The Bachelor and the visual identity toolkit for Hulu’s sixth annual Huluween event launched in conjunction with Disney Plus’ Hallowstream event.

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“Our studio’s roots and many of our greatest hits were born out of collaborations with TV networks, movie studios, and streaming services,” said Holman. “As we’ve expanded our clientele and capabilities, we’ve become incredibly versatile with our design and production pipeline more dialed in than ever before. In particular, how we are leveraging Unreal Engine, which is showing a lot of promise in the entertainment marketing world, creatively and technologically.”

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