Western-themed network INSP has fun introducing its new hat-topped logo in the above spot, which draws on footage from many of its popular shows and movies. Featured are such famous faces as Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Costner, John Wayne, Barbara Stanwyck, Sam Elliott, Kiefer Sutherland and many more.

“It was high time. INSP’s former logo was introduced during a major rebrand eleven years ago. Over the last decade, the network has experienced explosive ratings growth and attracted loyal viewership, particularly from viewers who deeply embrace Western content. We needed a logo that made a statement, with one glance, about the current look and feel of our programming. Something bold, with quiet confidence. An icon that says, ‘This is INSP,’” said INSP Chief Operating Officer Dale Ardizzone in a statement.

The logo redesign was spearheaded by Hayes Tauber, INSP EVP, Marketing, and his team, along with designer Paula Scher, who helped them define the core brand elements.

“The cowboy hat is an enduring symbol. It’s an important and revered icon in American culture, both past and present. The textured hat represents salt-of-the-earth people with heart and soul, who have put in a hard day’s work. We’ve got some dirt under our fingernails, and our weathered hat reflects that. The hat is positioned on the text with swagger, quietly communicating that we are a network to be reckoned with!” said Tauber, also in a statement.

“The new logo’s text is bigger and bolder, just like the network,” continued Ardizzone.

INSP has seen year-over-year ratings increases for the past seven years, according to the network. Besides its library of Western-themed series and movies, it also has original series such as Wild West Chronicles and Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, hosted by country music star Trace Adkins.


Client: INSP

Production: In-house

Producer/Editor: Jonathan Shuping

Motion Designer: Tyler Outen

Audio Mixer: Dan Luna

Finishing Editor: Dave Wooten

Associate Producer: Lauren Great

Motion Design Manager: Demetre Gionis

Creative Director, Digital Content and Production: Bill Mazzola

Creative Director, Promotion and Advertising: Andrea White

Director, Creative Operations: Scott Craven

VP, Creative Design: Zach Chambers

VP, Creative Marketing and Promotion: Peter Overland

EVP, Marketing: Hayes Tauber

Tags: insp logo refresh

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