“The world is complex, complicated, messy. But life doesn’t have to be.”

Enter Incite, the new data analysis tech company that promises to solve “life’s most unsolvable problems,” whether it’s climate change or helping you find a career.

So says Liam Dempsey Sr. (Jefferson Mays), co-founder of Incite, in the above spot. This faux-ad serves as the new teaser for season three of HBO’s Westworld.

After touting the company’s benefits, the teaser concludes by pointing viewers toward the official Incite Inc. website, allowing users to sign up for updates and request a demo. There’s no word on Incite’s role in the forthcoming season; however, season three will also introduce Aaron Paul to the cast, HBO revealed last year.

A premiere date for season three has not been announced; however, Westworld will return in 2020.

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