AMC rolled out the first spot in a larger marketing partnership between itself and Universal Pictures for the latest iteration of Universal’s Halloween movie franchise, coming out Friday, Oct. 19.

The new movie is being released on the franchise’s 40th anniversary, and during the month AMC will air all of the movies as part of its annual FearFest Halloween celebration.

Prior to airing the original Halloween, AMC broadcast original content featuring the movie’s star, Jamie Lee Curtis, who reprises her role in the new film. Director John Carpenter, who directed the first movie and consulted on the new one, also appears in content and promotions for the film throughout FearFest.

“We think this is the coming together of two really great iconic brands and the synergy that follows,” Scott Collins, president of ad sales for AMC Networks, told Broadcasting & Cable. “I think it’s cool that when you start watching that spot, you don’t know who it is yet. It’s kind of quiet and then that [Halloween] music pops up at the end.”

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