With just a very small staff of dedicated creators, The Daily Brief Podcast really is a labor of love for us at Promax. It’s one more way we bring our content to you, our community, and we hope you enjoy it and learn from it.

Below are 10 of the most popular episodes from 2019, featuring such agencies as Loyalkaspar, Stun and Troika, and such forces of nature as FX CMO (and Promax Board of Directors Co-Chair) Stephanie Gibbons, The Viacom Agency’s Sean Saylor, NowThis’ Joe Ortiz and several more strong voices from our Promax community.

We’d love to feature your voice in the podcast, so please reach out to us at dailybrief@promax.org if you’ve got something you’d like to say.

We hope 2020 brings many more episodes and we look forward to sharing them with you.

10) How Loyalkaspar Created Promax’s Shiny New Rebrand

As many veterans of Promax know, a whole new brand identity does not just emerge out of nowhere, ready to adorn videos, websites, emails and social media. It must be thoughtfully and lovingly created, and that’s exactly what creative agency Loyalkaspar did when it took on the rebranding of PromaxBDA to Promax.

In this episode of The Daily Brief Podcast, Loyalkaspar chief creative officer and partner Beat Baudenbacher, executive creative director Anna Minkkinen, and technical director and producer Chris Webb discuss how they collaborated to create this year’s conference open and how many of those elements evolved to find themselves as part of the organization’s overall global rebrand.

9) Data Are Important But So Is Going With Your Gut

Vicky Free, FX’s Stephanie Gibbons and Hasbro’s Jenny Whitlock discuss how they managed their entertainment marketing careers, noting the ideas, decisions and experiences they had along the way in Promax’s second Game Changers event, held Tuesday, Feb. 26 in Los Angeles.

The session is filled with a lot of heart, humor and insights, including Gibbons’ observation that while access to data is critical, even that knowledge is not a guarantee of success. Listen in to hear what else Gibbons, Free and Whitlock had to say.

8) How the Viacom Agency Provides Creative to All of Latin America

Sean Saylor, SVP and head of creative of The Viacom Agency, oversees a flow of creative work that stretches from Mexico through the southern tip of Argentina. That work covers networks and platforms such as MTV Latin America, Nickelodeon Latin America, Comedy Central Latin America, Paramount Channel and Telefe—and coming soon, streaming services Paramount Plus and Pluto TV.

As chair of the 2019 Promax Latino Awards, Saylor sees how evaluating excellence creates opportunities for his teams to have creative conversations to better understand why and how they do what they do. The challenge with serving all of these countries and platforms, he says, is to find “the universally simple but great idea.”

“Doing something simple really well is very hard. When you get that, it’s amazing but it’s hard to get there. On the creative side, the challenge is to find that balance between simple and creative,” Saylor says.

7) Sink or Stream with NowThis’ Joe Ortiz

When Joe Ortiz jumped from MTV to Now This, from the world of Snookie to the world of AOC, from the world of Gym-Tan-Laundry to the world of the Green New Deal, what people really wanted to know was “how hard was it to go from television to that of streaming creative? What’s it like?”

He answers those questions and many more in this episode, recorded at Promax’s annual June Conference in Los Angeles.

6) Troika Creating, Sustaining Brand Loyalty in the Age of OTT

Troika Founder and CEO Dan Pappalardo and Head of Business Development Kevin Aratari of creative agency Troika/Mission Group discuss a few topics near and dear to their hearts—how branding is changing in the new world of OTT, how the agency has worked with partners on various rebrands and image campaigns and how brand identities are evolving along with their platforms.

5) How Man Made Music Rescored NPR’s Morning Edition

It’s a theme song you’ve probably heard for your entire life, waking you up, accompanying your morning coffee. But on the 40th anniversary of NPR’s Morning Edition, the nation’s public radio service felt it was time for a change. To accomplish this, NPR sought out Man Made Music and collaborated with the music production house to compose a new sound to take the program into the future.

Amy Crawford—vice president, supervising producer and talented musician in her own right—walks us through everything it took for Man Made Music to design Morning Edition’s new anthem.

4) Susie Dent’s 10 Commandments for Making Words Work

Susie Dent is an etymologist, lexicographer and lover of words.

“As somebody who’s dedicated her life to helping people and [herself] understand the mysteries of the English language, I heartily endorse life-long curiosity. But, the digital world has caused an evolution in the use of language that’s really unprecedented in its speed and its depth. So I think all of us and everyone in this room needs to embrace an alternative thought: never stop unlearning.”

With that thought, Dent kicked off her talk at Promax Europe 2019 in Amsterdam, offering 10 commandments—with examples—for writing messages that work in today’s tricky and cluttered digital world.

3) How Women Are Changing the Entertainment Marketing Game

Listen in on three amazing women—Kim Rosenblum, Refinery29’s Amy Emmerich and Nickelodeon’s (then Gimlet Media’s) Jennifer Wall—talking about the challenges and opportunities they face in today’s on-demand, multi-platform world.

2) Joe Earley Rises at Disney+

One of the highlights of this year’s Promax Conference in Los Angeles was getting an early take on what’s happening at Disney’s anticipated subscription-based streaming service from Joe Earley, executive vice president, marketing and operations, at Disney+. He was joined on stage by Laurel Bernard, a former Fox co-worker and treasurer of Promax’s board, who talked with him about prepping the new service ahead of what we now know was a highly successful launch on November 12.

1) What Happened When CNN Embedded a Producer at Stun

Networks and agencies often work closely together to create great promo but the relationship is not always the easiest. At the Promax Conference in June, CNN and Stun discussed how they pushed the client-vendor relationship to a new limit, with CNN senior writer and producer Jeff Mielcarz traveling out to Los Angeles from Atlanta to embed himself with the Stun team as they worked tirelessly on the campaign for CNN’s original series, The Movies.

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