For the launch of Fox’s first-responder drama 9-1-1 into weekend broadcast syndication, Miami-based 2C 2.0 worked with Disney Licensed Content and Affiliate Marketing to create a campaign that positioned the show like an action-packed disaster blockbuster.

Featuring the cast – which includes Angela Bassett and Peter Krause – as well as the production’s cinematic scope and scale, 2C 2.0 produced two different concepts.

The first spot, “Elements of Chaos” leaned into both the show’s constant action as well as its emotion and the relationships between the characters. 2C 2.0 created custom design and animation to weave the editorial together, focusing on the three types of large-scale crises to which the characters respond: fire, water and earthquake. The agency produced one hero :30 as well as three :15 teasers to sell the series’ full range of epic catastrophes.

The second spot, “Waveform,” focuses on the characters and their reactions to an ever-escalating series of events. For these, 2C 2.0 again contributed custom graphics and animation as well as produced one hero :30 as well as :20, :15 and :10 versions.

“The team at Disney was incredibly supportive of our crazy ideas, and we had a blast finding fun ways to launch 9-1-1 into syndication while becoming fans of the show ourselves,” said 2C 2.0 Creative Director Alex Terapane in a statement.

“We love when we get the Disney call because we know it’s going to be an adventure of a project. There are no boundaries as to how far we can push in our concept and design ideas, which is really refreshing and exhilarating for our team,” said Creative Director Cheryl King, also in a statement.

Disney’s 9-1-1, which comes from executive producer Ryan Murphy and his team and airs on Fox in primetime, premieres in weekend broadcast syndication on September 17.

[Images of 9-1-1 courtesy of Fox]


Client: The Walt Disney Company - Licensed Content and Affiliate Marketing

SVP, Licensed Content and Affiliate Marketing: Richard DuMont

Director, Licensed Content Marketing: Justin Primo

Executive Creative Director: Lisa DelMonte

Agency: 2C 2.0

President/Owner: Chris Sloan

Operations Manager, Executive Producer: Bob Cobb

“Waveform” Creative Director/Writer: Alex Terapane

“Elements of Chaos” Creative Director/Writer: Cheryl King

Video Editor: Jesus Martinez

Designer/Animator: Alberto Garcia

Animator: Jovan Nedeljkovic

Audio: Cesar Haliwa

Tags: 2c 2.0 9-1-1 disney hot spots syndication

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