On Tuesday, February 21, business news network CNBC debuted a revised daily lineup and recruited Miami-based 2C to help promote the change.

Starting with more than 1,200 photographs of CNBC’s on-air talent, 2C crafted a fast-paced promo that flips through the still at the tempo of the accompanying custom percussive track. Threaded throughout are clean motion graphics with messages in a straightforward sans serif, all-caps font.

The last half of the spot walks viewers through the new schedule, leading up to new show Last Call premiering at 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, March 8.

It’s all meant to help viewers answer the question: “Where do you want to be in a still cautious and uncertain environment?”


Client: CNBC

VP, Global Creative Director, CNBC: Robert Poulton

VP, Creative Services, CNBC: Frank Piantini

Director, Business Day On-Air Promotion, CNBC: Ellen Lewis

Senior Vice President, Marketing, CNBC: Thomas J. Clendenin

Agency: 2C

Executive Creative Director: Chris Sloan

VP, Operations, Executive Producer: Bob Cobb

Creative Director: Jeff Mielcarz

Motion Graphics Designer: Alberto Garcia

Audio Engineer: Cesar Haliwa

Music: Eric Vasquez, CEO Executive Producer / Sync Stories

Tags: 2c media cnbc hot spots

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