NBA Star Marques King and his beautiful wife Vanessa seem to have it all in BET’s latest drama, Games People Play.

The pair live in a designer home in Los Angeles and he’s literally at the top of his game. But what the world doesn’t know is that Marques is a serial cheater, and it’s not something that sits well with Vanessa.

The series, which premieres Tuesday, April 23 at 10/9 c on BET, is based on the best-selling novel Games Divas Play by Angela Burt-Murray. It’s executive produced by Tracey Edmonds.

More trailers from the campaign are below:





SVP and Executive Creative Director, Brand Strategy, BETN: Kendrick Reid

VP Brand Creative Director: Adrian Hilton

VP, Design: Josh Pelzek

Creative Director: Allison Caviness

Writer/Producer: Shasa Rogers

Senior Art Director: Eric Franklin

Director Project Management: Seida Saidi

Production Manager: Pamela Singh

Design/Gfx: Luis Moya

Senior Copywriter: Thembisa Mshaka

Editors: Ed Trader, Brian Guillaudeu, Rich Formosa, Peter Ringer, Mark Repasky

Audio Mix: Jin Yoon, Eric Pfeifer

Director: Trudy Bellinger/Allison Caviness

Production Company: Canyon Roads Films

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