Telediario, the news brand of Spanish public broadcaster RTVE, entrusted its first rebrand in a decade to Madrid-based creative agency Visualzink.

The project was a total overhaul of Telediario’s on-air and on-screen look and feel, and included a brand redesign as well as a new navigation system, new infographics and an adaptation of the new look to the country’s 17 local and regional news services.

At the center of the rebrand was a redesign of the service’s name and logo, which serves as both a brand icon and a navigational element.

Visualzink also introduced a new color palette, anchored in navy and white and intended to modernize the 63-year-old brand. It also added new typography, including sans serif font HK Nova Bold and serif font Periodista Medium.

The rebrand was unveiled across Telediario on Feb. 15.

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